Patricia Nessling

   Patricia enjoyed nature she took pleasure in the beauty of the Downs, the pleasure of exploring, there are a wealth of places to discover and explore in the local area and surrounding district’s. Pevensey, the castle at Pevensey, Alfiston, Friston woods, Jevington, Willingdon, Willmington, Meads etc,etc to mention but a few.

    She was always aware of how we stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before, often the unashamed and wanton destruction of nature and historical buildings, by the faceless, mindless, pinstriped minions in local government led to despair.

   Out of this despair we started more by accident than by design in the mid to late 1990's, to put together and research the history of Eastbourne , getting as far as having enough to produce a small web site, but the project became interrupted. Patricia loved exploring and discovering the history of Eastbourne also the surrounding districts. For instance Berwick Church the fact that the Bloomsbury group had painted murals inside on the walls, then of course there was always the Cricketers Pub and a pint afterwards. The beauty of the South Downs and how lucky to have them on our doorstep.

    Sadly as Patricia gradually got worse, was finally hospitalised and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s the project came to a halt. Since Patricia’s death and subsequently putting together a web site of some of her work, the Eastbourne site has been resurrected and refreshed however it has not been added to and is exactly as it was in 1999.

     It is included as it was Patricia’s last project, we derived hours of pleasure and enjoyment exploring, Patricia was really happy in the time we had discovering and searching The History of Eastbourne.  

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